Pure Baby Series - Silk Short Sleeves Top


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Designed and crafted in Japan, using 100% natural materials,
Familiar's Pure Baby series has babies' happiness and parents' peace of mind firmly at the forefront.

Made in Japan.
100% Japanese Silk.

Made of precious Japanese silk. Entirely Japan-made from the silk itself to the cut-sew process.
Made of a supple, shiny silk whose main constituent is very similar to proteins found in human skin. Perfect for baby’s delicate skin.
Cool in summer, warm in winter. UV absorbent.
Labels and seams on outside of garment to prevent irritation to delicate baby skin.

The perfect gift for a newborn, packaged in a keepsake box featuring designs by Makoto Kagoshima for Familiar.

Familiar's Pure Baby Silk is machine washable. Wash in a laundry net on a gentle or delicate setting.

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